Program Source
73-51 Bell Blvd 3A
Oakland Gardens NY 11357
(347) 231-4653




We provide programming services to both end users and installers.
We also have extensive graphical design skills to add to our company skill set.


System Design
Program Source provides system design, engineering and documentation services in addition to the programming if requested.


About The Company
Program Source specialises in the creation and supply of audiovisual, lighting, HVAC and security control software. Our customers are both AV companies and home system end users.

Established in 2004, with over 3 years of in-field experiance with custom home automation systems, and 1 year of in-field corporate experiance, we have supplied to a broad array of end users including those in the education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and the rich and famous.

Programming skills include Crestron SIMPL Windows, Crestron SIMPL+, ClearOne, BiAmp, and Polycom.

In addition to programming services we can provide additional engineering services such as system design, CAD system drawings, operations manuals and quality assurance documentation.


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